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About Us

I founded Advanced Business Horizons in the summer of 2010. Having developed many very successful teams of highly talented IT professionals throughout my over 20 years in IT, I decided that it was time to allow myself to do this for more than one company at a time. Crazy as it sounds, I also found there to be a lack of available IT talent in the US; especially in BI. These two factors were amongst many that sparked my passion to establish Advanced Business Horizons and to expand not only my expertise in the Business Intelligence arena but to develop smart, young, ambitious future experts along the way. Through intense training and the partnering of new talented individuals with very seasoned IT professionals, the transition of many years of experience and knowledge is passed down to the next generation of IT professionals. Everything from the manner and tone in which one communicates, to best practices in the areas of architecting, coding, testing, and deploying. This approach has produced over a dozen certified and qualified BI professionals in just the last couple of years and has seen the completion of many successful projects. We can’t take our knowledge and experience with us. We owe the next generation a platform from which they can expand upon bringing our industry to new heights.

-Al Krause

Our Leadership Team:
Al Krause – Managing Director
Sandy Krause – Recruiting Manager

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